Improve Your Knowledge of Gun Safety

Sign up for first time shooter classes in Huntersville, NC

Learn essential safe handling skills with our gun safety courses. Charlotte Concealed Carry in Huntersville, NC offers two-hour courses from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. for $30. Former sheriff Irwin Carmichael teaches courses designed for first-time gun owners or anyone thinking of purchasing their first handgun.

We'll provide the gun, ammo and protective equipment for your class. Call us at 980-550-0854 today to register.

What can you expect from our first-time shooter course?

During our gun safety course, you will learn about:

  • How to properly handle a firearm, including basic safety and operation
  • Different types of ammunition, revolvers and semi-automatic handguns
  • Firearm maintenance and care
  • Local requirements for owning and purchasing a long gun or handgun
  • Basic skills, including grip, sight alignment, trigger control, reloading and shooting

Register for our 2022 dates:


  • January 7- Class Full
  • February 4
  • March 18
  • April 22
  • May 20
  • June 17

Find out more about our firearm maintenance and gun safety courses by contacting us today.